Morning freshness

This morning in Samasthiti Studio, Paris..I asked if there were any reflections about the practice. A student said there’s so many things, but they are not formulated in his head yet – as it was so early.I find this is the beauty of the morning practice: to be pure, not having formulated yet what’s going on inside. We are just fresh energy in the body and thus less mental. That could also be the moment to share something spontaneously – why not? We are usually controlling so much, that these kind of open-hearted sharings are rare, that we’d just start confidently to open up and express our inner world.

Well, as nobody else wanted to speak this morning, I felt I will let my heart speak. I started to tell how grateful I feel for David Swenson. He really is a yogi, an incarnation of yoga. I just can see his body to be so spiritual. It’s that he has energy flowing in his body freely, the wisdom become flesh and it’s not about putting his leg behind his head.

After the class, a lady told me, she’s from Austin, Texas..just as David. :))

I didn’t know why I started to talk about him..then I knew.


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