Soul in the movement

Today, my beloved ballet teacher, Frédéric Lazzarelli, told us: “Le mouvement n’est pas la danse.” It’s so true. Even many dance lovers and dancers just make movements. Movements without soul. When you get your soul into your work, that’s called art. Dance as an art means making a movement meaningful and beautiful, filled with YOU!
It’s totally the same thing in the yoga practice : A movement is not yoga. A posture is not yoga. It’s your soul you put into what you’re doing. The body is the instrument you work with to make it gradually a reflection of your soul.
From outside, these two great traditions – the classical ballet and the ashtanga yoga- can seem like the monotone repetition of the same thing. Actually, it’s a frame in which you cultivate your energy, your movements and you learn to incorporate your spirit in your body.
Happy Sunday everybody!

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