Great teachers say great things at the right moment.


I’ve taken some piano classes  in Paris from a new teacher. My teacher asked me who’s music I wanted to play and my choice was Chopin, because I simply love Chopin.


In my second class my teacher told me to go on playing ignoring the faults. On any false note, just keep going. I’ve practiced this in many other fields, especially dance and it’s been possible. Not easy, but possible. For some reason in my piano lesson, every time I played wrong, I stopped and I tried to undo the fault. I was told not to stop, but I couldn’t help it. 


Then my teacher said it: Ah, c’est parce que tu aimes trop Chopin! (It’s because you love Chopin too much).


It’s true. I realized that if I had played another score, not loving it so much, I would have been able to go on. My emotion took over my concentration.


People who perform arts must be good at this. When things don’t go as planned, they improvise, they follow a bigger picture, they go with the flow. The thing is that you can’t allow ANY NEGATIVITY to take place. In dance, you follow the music and go with it no matter how your body executes the steps. You just dance. Your intention is with the music. Your heart is one with it.


It’s the same thing in life in general. When you stumble, get up. Go on dancing with life! See the bigger picture. 


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