Yesterday I watched “Inside The Actors Studio – Christopher Walken” on Youtube.  Since The Deer Hunter in 1979 I saw at the age of 14,  I’ve always loved his intelligence, sensitivity, unpredictability, unbelievable depth in his presence – LIFE in him.  Being so human and honest, he’s deeply upsetting.

On the Youtube clip Christopher Walken told James Lipton about an audition in his youth where  he was so concentrated on acting that when in the room next to him someone dropped a box of dishes with a huge noice, nothing could be seen on his face.  Lee Strasberg had said to him: “You know someone just dropped a box of dishes on the background. You didn’t even blink. That’s bad acting. You can’t ignore life.”

I  connect these elements with the yoga practice. We can’t ignore life. We shouldn’t close our eyes from the reality. There are actors just acting and those connected to life. There are yogis just practicing and those connected to life.

Sometimes when I come to a new yoga studio to teach, students close their eyes, they close themselves, they ignore me. Maybe because they are shy, they pretend they’re meditating. They want me to believe they are meditating. In my mind, I’m there only for one reason: to gently make them drop this mask. When the mask is dropped, the life begins and the meditation is possible.

When you really meditate, it’s about life. You are then connected to life more than ever and that’s how everything is included. Everything. You watch everything. You include yourself and you are included. You are not closed, but open.

Be free in your yoga practice. Live your yoga to the fullest!

And then back to my favorite actor..Recently Christopher Walken just took my breath away – as did Isabelle Huppert and Kris Kristoffersson too – when I saw an uncut version of Michael Cimino’s  master piece Heaven’s Gate.  It’s not possible just watch this movie. You’re in the film, you’re mingled with this LIFE. This scene moved me deeply and I could just cry with the Parisian audience. It’s about LOVE and LIFE:

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