Pranayama VI


Yesterday I had a rich conversation with my young friend, Zoé. We touched a large scale of subjects, talking about music, love, Tai Chi, Yoga, Martial Arts, breathing, smoking, love making, survival in a forest,  animals, horses,  ending up to discuss her speciality, the horses and more precisely the way to understand and to treat horses naturally and with intuition.

As Zoé rides stallions and as  they are wild and strong, she has to know how to grow to be the leader. Anything she does on horseback, is transmitted to the horse. Any tension she has, would be equally well transmitted. Any inconscient moment she has, is translated as hesitation by the horse. She needs to be alert, conscious, relaxed and very deeply one with the horse. She has to be the one who commands without being tyrannical.

In the field of communication the horses and all the other animals need the same thing as we humans do: clear signs and clear lines.

If you try to command a stallion with anger, he attacks or remains indifferent to your orders. All he can understand is that you don’t know what you’re doing. When he does something wrong, the energy, the prana with the human, has to change immediately. With the energy in a sharp gesture, the human shows the way. If it’s a limit you wanna put, you stop the horse with a very clear stopping gesture with no fear in it. Inside of you, there has to be an explosion of energy.

The important thing is to relax immediately after, to come down from the explosive energy. It’s the energy (the reality) the animals read, not your mind, nor your will. You have to be true and you learn what’s false in you by making mistakes. The horse is your mirrow.

Similarly, in the communication between people, we ruine the communication if we have pressure inside and we don’t express it. The other person can feel the pressure, but is not able to response, because there’s no outside sign. When the reality is not expressed, both interlocutors are easily stuck to the negative emotional state. For some other people it’s easier  to show e.g. their anger, but the problem is that they stay in this emotional state even when the situation is over. They continue to shout and express their anger.  To find a reliable human mirrow is not so evident, because we are not as pure as animals are. The reactions of the human mirrows can be perverted.

The ideal situation would be, that you let your energy escalate, you express it in a constructive way and you come down. Usually, the body is slow and stays attached to the strong feelings even when the situation is over. Yoga is a practice like many other Asian practices that prepare the whole system to be clear, precise and to obey quickly to our energy. The mind can’t do that for the body. We need a body who is responding to what’s happening inside and expresses it clearly. If the information passes first through the mind so that we can check if we accept our own reaction, it’s too late. We are constantly living in the control. We do that because we are afraid of  being true and authentic. This creates more and more mess inside.

To be present and to let the prana fully express itself through your body, keep practicing asanas with consciousness! This is how the prana can tell you the truth.

Image* Zoé * , photo by Frédérique Verdeau

1 thought on “Pranayama VI

  1. Puhdas peili
    heijastaa sisälleni
    aidon kuvan, joka oppii
    energian, on läsnä
    joustavasti ja takertumatta
    esteisiin, ratsastaa
    kehon halki
    pitkin selkeitä linjoja
    ilmaisten itseään vahvasti,
    laskeutua, tilanteen
    mentyä, luo.


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