Pranayama IX


Why is breathing often difficult for adults? In my mind, it’s because even then, we think. We tell ourselves how to make a deep breath instead of letting it happen.

When we think, we’re often limited to the physical world. We’re not open to the unknown. The breathing is something that can go beyond our limits, especially the inhalation.

The beginners in yoga often feel stuck when the lungs feel full. In every day life, you don’t breathe like this: filling your lungs completely. This is not the goal in the practice either. It’s actually more the art of not filling your lungs, but continuing your  energy (of inhalation) the moment the air stops coming in.

When your lungs are full enough, stay in this state of inhalation, in this feeling which is completely effortless! You can practice outside the asana practice just to be able to continue (maybe 20-30 secs), feeling the transparency of the breath. The body is not hindering anything. Just feel how the energy continues inside and outside the lungs and the body.

When you feel all right with this, you can apply it in the asana practice. Don’t fill your lungs to the max not to  create tension, only control the force in the inhalation to feel good and light.


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