Narasimha on Creation

Photo by Minna Nuotio999653_10151681812064061_1613826095_n

Yoga technique is not specific to India. It can help people from any culture, any religion to realize their goal  over time.  It’s universally adaptable. It has been presented and spoken in Indian terms, because it comes from India.

Creation in India is Ishvara-based. Ishvara is the master intelligent principle.

The complexity of creation which is going on now, had earlier the seed form. There has to be a universal seed = nature = energy interaction = force interaction = intelligent principle = the personification of the intelligent principle. There’s been a primordial seed which had the possibility of the things that exist now.

When we come to our limit of understanding, we name things as miracles. Or we think about it as a divine intervention.

People in India are not seen as sinners, but as saints.

Representation / Creation of human being:

The inner center is Ishvara (the Creator).

The outer, dense layer is called Annamaya Kosha,  the material body. It’s alive when it can replicate an injury.

These two “elements” are in all creatures, also inanimate. Inanimate can’t modify itself by itself.

The next layer of creation is called Pranamaya Kosha. Prana is the force which helps in creation.

The next layer of creation is Manomaya Kosha where the feelings appear. Then the creature knows about suffering and enjoyment – also the vegetation respond to the external stimuli.

The next creation layer is Vijnanamaya Kosha, the logical mind that only human beings have. We know how to correlate things which are not related at all. We do planning.

Anandamaya Kosha is different from the four other Koshas. It’s the state of bliss.

Humans are the only creatures who can go out and manipulate things and can go in and manipulate themselves.

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