Narasimha on Gayatri mantra

It’s 24 syllables .

In western Abrahamic religions there is opposition to forms, formless is preferred.

It’s universal. Usually mantras speak in terms of specific deities or gods. Gayatri Mantra doesn’t specify anything, but it is specifically meant to invoke our mental faculties on the path of evolution. It’s supposed to make us more intelligent. We are not to exploit others by our cleverness. If we start to exploit others by our cleverness, one day or the other we’ll be victim of our own cleverness. We should  grow and make others grow.

Evolutionary intelligence = creative intelligence manifestation – means that we don’t repeat the same mistakes again or take routine solutions. When we know permanent solution, we don’t look for a temporal solution. Creative intelligence manifestation is possible by Gayatri Mantra, because it produces clarity of mind.

History  of Gayatri Mantra: Vishvamitra was a king. He was born into a warrior family. He rebelled against all establishment. He wanted to become a supreme academician, a brahmin. Genes are usually more dominant than nature. Genetically Vishvamitra was proposed to be in a warrior group, but he did a lot of Tapas, so he could transform his genetic code to that of a brahmin. He achieves it with perseverence.

A warrior is a ruler. A ruler has a duty to judge and to punish. The punishing attitude means you act with a superior ego. If you have a superior ego, you can’t become a brahmin. People said to Vishvamitra: you can’t do it in this birth because you can’t do Ishvara pranidhana. Vishvamitra said: I will do it in this body, transform this body, in this birth. (Jayashree comments: “like you people” and makes us laugh.)

During the Kali yuga (which began 5000 years ago) people are selfish, cruel, material, ready to enjoy their senses at the cost of others.

The scholars were asking how to bring people to higher levels of conscience. They have lost their sensitivity of their conscience to be simple, not to hurt others and to be kind and compassionate – what we call human qualities. How can we restore this in this age of Kali Yuga? They selected Vishvamitra, because they thought that a person who had such arrogant and aggressive qualities and who had been able to overcome them and to  become such a kind person, could do it.

Mantra of Gayatri manifested to him in Samadhi. It had to be tested.  Vishvamitra took the lowest type of human beings and taught them this mantra and the procedure how to practice it. When they meditated with this mantra they were all transformed to human beings from beast like savages. They became humans and could go further.

First you become human. Then you can become divine.

Let this be spread all over the world, let’s mitigate the demonic  tendencies that develop in human beings.

It’s not a religious mantra. It has nothing to do with religion. You will be able to understand your own religion better if you practice this.

If you don’t have any inner experience of that kind, you can’t understand sacred literature. Until someone has the inner experience, you can’t convince them.

When the teacher who has practiced it and never wavers from it, tells you about it, you believe it.

In India they say: Educate a man, you educate  an individual.  Educate a woman, you educate a generation.

Women were not allowed to chant this mantra, because the Indians were afraid Muslims would misuse this knowledge. So the mantra was not even taught to women (colonisation always targets the women).

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* The entrance to the Chanting paradise *

1 thought on “Narasimha on Gayatri mantra

  1. In today’s chanting class, Jayashree precised that the 24 syllables in Gayatri Mantra don’t include the first line ‘Om bhur bhuvah suvah’. That line is the preparation for the mantra (bhur is physical, bhuvah is neural, suvah is mental).


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