Narasimha on Shraddha


Patanjali’s yoga is called Raja Yoga.  Patanjali’s yoga is like a road map. It can lead to Kaivalya, enlightenment.

The goal is a state of least excitement, the state of total happiness that doesn’t need any external agents.

Beyond the sensory principle, there is ultimate energy that can be approached by a specific methode which is not cognizable by intellect.

You need faith (Shraddha). Faith is difficult, because the mind is afraid to believe what is unknown to it.

The work is a process of involution. We reduce the obstacles of the mind and when they become smaller, we can destroy them completely.  (II.10 Te pratiprasava heyah suksmah)

In Kaivalya, we are totally alone. It doesn’t mean lonely. In this aloneness, we are neither distracted nor disturbed.

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