SOS Eve Kassire

Dear Friends, dear souls that can feel!

Yesterday I was supposed to go to say hello to my neighbour’s, Hélène’s, friend. Hélène new that I give craniosacral therapy and she thought it would have been good for her friend Isabelle.

I arrive and see 4 Chadian ladies, all beautiful and full of life. I also feel that there’s a pain connecting them. I connect both to the joy and the dense sadness. Before I leave Hélène tells me there’s a Youtube video on Isabelle’s sister.

I watch this: (it’s in French, but it’s understandable to all hearts) The former Miss Chad, nowadays a mother of three little kids has been attacked with acid in Haiti. My heart cries. My whole body aches more than ever. I let it melt with the compassion.

When Eve starts to talk (2:50), my heart is elevated to Heaven. She says: “I want to thank from the bottom of my heart…” I want to THANK! Oh Lord! Thank you for Eve on this planet!

Please, join me in prayers for Eve or donate for her future surgeries:



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