In my work as a yoga teacher I constantly have to do with very universal emotional problems we people have, but also with their solutions! We usually consider problems things that make us feel bad. We want to feel good. What is the best feeling we can have? Well, it’s called self-love. But self-love isn’t only about loving yourself.

The yoga practitioners are quite gifted to find the ways to alleviate pain as well in the physical body as on the emotional level. But it’s not always so simple, because many problems have taken on an energetic life in us. Then it’s not an emotion anymore, it’s finer. It’s a different kind of sensation that often feels like all over the place. On this subtle level, we are either filled with self-love or the lack of it.

What does it mean to love oneself? It ’doesn’t mean you are actively loving yourself all the time. I wonder what kind of life would that be. 🙃 As long as you blame others on anything, you certainly haven’t found love for yourself in yourself.  Same thing if you still look for acceptance outside of yourself.  

You as a subject can’t love yourself as an object. You can LOVE. That means mostly that in your thinking, feeling and behavior, there’s nothing that goes against your real self. You don’t blame yourself, you don’t have self-pity,  you don’t victimize yourself, you don’t underestimate yourself, you don’t hide your truth. These are signs of love. The lack of self-love is easy to see through your behavior if anything in it tells you’re not lovable.

The first step is to you get to know yourself deeply through the yoga practice. Then you can start to work your whole being toward Love.

I’m sure the regular asana practice is the path to self-love!