Forgiveness is one of my favourite subjects. It’s my favourite subject in my everyday life and in my yoga teaching. Asana practice moves the body and the old wounds and makes it possible to heal the wounds. These wounds have generally stocked in the body something that we haven’t forgiven. We might have forgiven in our minds, but not in our bodies.

Forgiveness is the way to health, freedom and creativity. And the opposite of it means holding back our energy in these wounds. Sometimes people think they don’t have so much to forgive or nothing to forgive. But let’s think about it for a moment! We can easily forget, but our body gently receives everything we go through in our minds and emotions.

You quite likely have been judging someone in situations where something went wrong or against your will. Somebody did something wrong to you or to someone else. So if you never have judged anybody, you are completely healthy, free and happy. Nothing to forgive. But If you ever judged someone, you have something to forgive and you need to release that feeling from your body. That’s forgiveness. The asana practice helps.