Conference notes



nowadays many types of yoga. in Hot yoga they make you sweat by pre-heating the room. it’s not the same sweat as in Ashtanga yoga. Hot yoga is not good. in Ashtanga sweat comes from inside through effort and hard work (tapas) and brings about light body & strong stamina.


prana means inhale, apana means exhale.  in Ashtanga we use free breathing which means prana goes freely to the body and not only to the lungs.

there’s been a confusion with the name of the breathing that goes back 20 years.  somebody asked Guruji ‘is it ujjayi breathing?’  and Guruji replied ‘yes, yes..’ and the name remained. but ujjayi pranayama is a different pranayama technique. it’s like if you were breathing with a strawl and pinching it at the same time. this kind of breathing during the asana practice is dangerous.

you have to hear the sound of the breath – others don’t have to hear it.

inhale and exhale should be even.

don’t squueze the throat. breath like a cobra.

keep the mula bandha all the time.

when the prana is in balance, it’s in anahata chakra and there’s only 1 sound in the heart. that’s the divine sound.


today students come to see a teacher and they say: “I know. I know.” go to a teacher to learn what you don’t know. only “I don’t know” leads to learning.


Q 1: is putting music during the practice ok?

A:  mind goes to music and attention is diverted. put the attention to the asana to learn to concentrate and to learn from the asana.

Q 2:  how to get the motivation for practice?

A: motivation comes from within.

Q 3: what to do with doubts?

A: without doubts no learning. answers come sometimes by your doubts! from ajnana to jnana (from ignorance to knowledge) only by a Guru.


Sharath and Guruji by Bill Brundell