Narasimha on Avidya

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This Thursday’s class. A lot of chanting (Mahaganeshastotra, Adityahrdayam, Sadhana Pada,  Vibhuti Pada ) and less talking.

Sadhana Pada, II.4 Avidyaksetramuttaresam prasuptatanuvicchinnodaranam

Talking about Avidya, ignorance..what is knowledge then?

Gurustotra says:

Ajnana timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya / caksur unmilitam yena / tasmai sri-gurave namah

Knowledge exists in us already, but we don’t find it by ourselves. We learn some things by trial and error. Guru’s work is to give the antidote, to open our eyes.

Kayal is sometimes used in Northern India not only for beautification, but to have sharp eyes. The eyes water as soon as you put the kayal and this purifies the eyes.

More ignorant you are -> more routine, not interested in knowing more.

More knowledge you have – you know how to manipulate the circumstances to suit your needs or you can change the situation so that you would be comfortable in it.

Knowledge produces freedom and strength.

There are 4 types of ignorance preventing us to get enlightenment or getting into a higher state of knowledge.

These different manifestations of Avidya which prevent us from growing further are:

prasupta – that which is dormant

tanu – reduction of interest

vichinna – mind is distracted, in contradiction

udaranam –  we know Avidya is there and we consciously overcome it

Functioning of Avidya brings misery, prevents growth. The growth means you need to make decisions. The more the person is afraid, the less he makes decisions even when opportunities are given.