Narasimha on mysticism

My question to Narasimha today was about what he had said before on the differences between Hindouism and Abrahamic religions. Two things were puzzling me in this structure:

Christianity – The God created the world and remained outside + division in Heaven and Hell vs Hindouism – The God created the world and remained in it + division in Heaven, Hell and Liberation.

I was wondering if Narasimha had been talking theologically or experientially and if  the Christianity had the same liberation possible in terms of Mercy. I also asked if the Christ consciousness was equivalent to Atman, God inside of us.

Narasimha said that the mainstream in Christianism is very dry. Some mystics brought light to it through their experience. These mystic experiences among Christians were not in conformity with the religion and thus are not officially part of the religion.

Hindouism has a fluid structure, is very much alive and can absorb anything, like all the new achievements of the science.

Christianism  looks good, but clearly is not satisfying the need of mystic experience today. People search these mystic experiences through other religions.

Narasimha suggested that we do some research on the Christian mystics, like Teresa of Ávila and her writings on the ascent of the soul to see if we can find similarities between Christianity and Hindouism on the experiential level.


Photo by Minna Nuotio