The truth and the Truth

In Yoga Philosophy the sanskrit word Satya is standing for not only the Truth, but also for the virtue of living it. In all the commentaries on the Yoga Sutra you can find explanations on and examples of Satya. Mostly the texts emphasize the significance of telling the truth or not lying.

To have a good life we are supposed to tell the Truth in every occasion. This is not the simplest thing at all especially when you add to it the other virtue to follow, Ahimsa, which means you don’t harm anybody. Together these two principles make it all quite tricky. You need to have at least three inner qualities to make this work.

You need to be intelligent, loving and truthful. Intelligent to discern what is true. Loving to discern between what could be harming someone instead of just allowing the person to face his/her life raw. Truthful not to be scared to tell the Truth. When you follow these three guidelines together, you respect life as it is. You don’t play with it.

I’d like to mention one major difficulty in knowing the Truth. There are of course many, but nowadays the biggest obstacle is the rush. Whenever we are in a hurry, we can’t deeply feel, we can’t really distinguish between the very subtle differences in words, emotions and actions. So, we think we say the Truth, but we are not saying the Truth. We are pretending without meaning to.

We use formulas and repeat the common ways of expressing ourselves, but how many people address to you really meaning every word they utter? It can be very simple like how to say hello, and still people hide. They are maybe happy to see you, but they pretend they are happier than they are. When they say something “nice”, they are satisfied. But do they give their attention to feel you or even themselves? Do they stop to see what their real thoughts are?

Yoga teaches us to see beyond the form and to live fully even imprisoned in the form. We have formulas to facilitate communication, but make sure your speech is fresh, authentic and vivid. When it is, it touches people and it also touches yourself. This kind of words are true, non-violent and solid.

2 thoughts on “The truth and the Truth

  1. J’adore te lire …j’apprends toujours quelque chose … et là je me rends d’un trésor que j’ai en moi et que je sous estime grandement. Merci ❤ bisous

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    • Oh, Caro, je ne sais pas quel trésor tu as ignoré ou sous-estimé jusqu’ici, mais je dois dire que je trouve que tu as toutes ces qualités de percevoir la vérité. Et en plus tu es très ahimsa. Merci pour ta gentillesse encore! 🧡🤍


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