Make love the only answer in 2014

Today I had the chance to practice here in Mysore next to Laruga Glaser and feel her amazingly focused energy. It was at the same time sharp and smooth feeling from consciously performed movements. Strong, deep breath. This came to my mind: The Queen of Vinyasa!   😀

Walking home from the practice I couldn’t help remembering what Laruga just posted about seekers of truth and how to measure your evolution (read the post here: She spoke about how to love more openly and wholeheartedly. I was thinking about her words and I realized that  it was actually exactly what I’am hoping for the next year. For the whole world, for my family, friends, students and for me.

But how to love more openly? Through many years of yoga practice I’ve come to realize that yoga is love in action and that’s where the practice’s fruit can be tasted. The daily practice gives us clarity, awareness and strength to act. To act in a loving and positive way instead of reacting to our own fear of being rejected. Yoga makes us stronger to show our love to people unknown or even hostile to us.

What if instead of loving secretly in our hearts and keeping this feeling for ourselves, we expressed our love openly? And what if we just did something good and loving to people who don’t probably like us and took the “risk” to get hurt in 2014? Could you take that risk consciously even one time every day? Could you show what comes from your heart no matter what you get back?

It would give an immense strength to ourselves and the whole world:  at least 365 loving steps per person to grow in love in 2014. Let’s make the New Year Resolution to express our love more and to put love in action every single day!


Photo by Minna Nuotio

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