Have you ever bodycried? 😀 I don’t know when I learned this art, but nowadays I use it whenever I need. I will share with you this extraordinary way of feeling your life in your body!

I need to mention that as the starting point in my teaching of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga I make people explore this: to feel their breath in their body. To feel the rhythm and the movement of the energy created by the breath. Naturally, if the energy is stuck, it’s not moving in the body. The body feels stuck too then. By breathing with consciousness, you become able to cross these limits and thus able to open the body from inside, i.e. to free the energy.

I’m teaching this way, because it’s like this I was experiencing my practice from the very beginning. When I could grow the space inside, the emotions that were stuck, started to move and wanted to get out! :)) Sometimes I would cry..old things coming up. Sometimes I felt really angry, sometimes soooo happy and relieved.

About ten years ago I found Osho meditations and fell in love with The Dynamic Meditation and Kundalini Meditation (I just hated them in the beginning!). Both are active meditations in which you allow your body, emotions, energy move without control and you’ll discover new facets of yourself! You find your real self which means being really tangibly multidimensional.

I continued my practice and meditations and gradually I realized that even when I wasn’t doing anything, just relaxing, laying down, I could “listen” to these waves inside of me and give them a form or a meaning. I understood this language of the energy and could see which way it wanted to grow. Really.

Then it got subtler. Or should I say more physical? I don’t really know. I could feel an anger and when I relaxed to would change to something else. The transformation of the energy took place without me taking part to it. Of course, there had been a lot of conscious work before and then it just went to the right direction: any negative feeling started to look for another vibration.

So, why am I writing about this today? Yesterday, I got a phone call during which I was verbally aggressed  by someone. I felt sad after the call..that’s all. Today, I got a message where I got aggressed again. I felt sadder. I felt contradictory in my body. There was something in me that wanted to go away from these negative energies..wanted to hide, to escape, to shrink. There was a bigger and softer wave that wanted to move.

I laid down to the floor with this big wave. No tears were coming out of my eyes, but all of my chakras, the whole body was having a kind of smooth cramps, not even visible from outside. And I let my body cry. It cried and cried. In the end, when the storm was over, the tears came out. Then came the SMILE.


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