Yoga Trail

Dear fellow yogis, yoginis and students of mine!

This is cool. I’m new to Yoga Trail and already a big fan!

I feel Yoga Trail is a really clever, clear and useful system as well for us teachers as for the students. It’s easy to use. You can locate a teacher or see what’s going on in a particular place you’re heading.

As I’m travelling quite much and my workshops, retreats and little special events are sometimes set up in a short time, I wouldn’t put them all on my website. I would certainly put them on my Yoga Trail profil, because this is where people do also their last minute searches.

What I find really functional too is that the teacher can mention all the studios she/he is visiting regularly or only sometimes. The students can then get the information from the studio about the particular teacher’s workshops to come.

You can follow one or several teachers, so you would be notified of their plans as soon as they update their profiles. You can also invite your friends if you think they would like to follow the same teacher.

This is how you can find me easily and see what are my plans. And if you feel like sharing your experience in one of my workshops, you can even write a review!

You can take a look on my profil:

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