Birth is a medical event

Yes, it is. And so is death. But these moments and many others are also very special psychic, energetic and personal experiences of a human being! Birth as a beginning of a life outside the mother’s womb is a huge moment of change. It’s huge and overwhelming, but quickly forgotten. And still, as nothing ever really fades away, that experience will remain in our system forever. Our mind just can’t remember.

Sometimes medicine is seen as something very opposed to a meditator’s perspective to life. Often it is. However science and spiritual life can complete each other perfectly well. Yoga philosophy and a meditative approach enrich biological life with emotional depth and spiritual content in regard to any event. Science is the means of explaining life rationally, whereas spirituality is a way of experiencing life profoundly. We can explain ourselves rationally, but for many people it’s not enough. They can’t identify themselves as a mass of cells and some functions of the body. That’s why they practice yoga.

Imagine your life as a succession of medical events and nothing more. From that perspective, it’s not anything more. When today people are seen as opposed whether they believe in science or not, I guess it’s more about whether you see yourself as a biological being or as a spiritual being. You are both. Even if you feel your are a divine creature, you can still believe in science.

What does it mean to be spiritual? How do you live your life spiritually? You have a feeling of your soul which is not visible or tangible, but perceivable through some laws that guide it. If you go against these laws, you suffer. Spirit is what animates the soul. It’s the power behind everything. If you live in connection to that power, you are spiritual. If you live disconnected to it, you certainly live in a more materialistic reality and probably suffer from a meaninglessness of life – at least from time to time.