● state of love ●

It’s hardly new to anyone that it exists something we can call healthy selfishness. Last decades it’s been a lot of discussion about that. We need first to take care ourselves. And we need first to like ourselves. That’s the only way we can also like others. 

But to what extent we can like ourselves not to be self-centered? And where is the limit from where the healthy self-love becomes selfishness? 

Do you like yourself, by the way? If you say yes, you are admitting that there are two of you! There’s a subject liking an object. But we are not actually two. That’s why we can’t like ourselves. The good news is that if you don’t like yourself, neither that’s not true. 

The only way to like oneself is to be outside in the ego and feel satisfied about the image we have about ourselves. The disliking means that we have a negative self-image. But still it’s only an image we happen to believe in.

As long as we are outside ourselves, we can either like or dislike ourselves and others. When we dig deeper in our humanity the whole idea of liking disappears. Yoga practices change our position completely. We become a state of mind, a state of energies and at best a state of love. We are not split in two, a liker and a liked. 

When we are in our center, we don’t make ourselves smaller, we don’t hesitate expressing our real feelings, we are not ashamed and that’s why we feel good. We love to live. From outside one could say that we like ourselves.

If you are in the state of liking, you like yourself. If you are in the state of love, you love yourself.

Photo by Anne